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Keeping You Safe

In A Connected World

Securing Organisations in a Connected Future

The rate at which IT security risks evolve is as astounding as the extent of the liability associated. From simple phishing attacks to complex breaches, the loss can be devastating. The financial impact resulting from interruptions to operations, reputational damage, and potential legal implications are tough to recover from. Many businesses never recover. The days when companies felt safe with firewalls, antivirus, and passwords are long gone. Today, thorough protection demands a comprehensive and integrated approach to manage risk and extensive regulatory requirements.

Protect What Matters Most…

We provide Compliance Level Cybersecurity Solutions

Don’t allow your organisation to be at a risk of a cyber-attack which could damage both your reputation and growth.

Let TRG Sentry ease the challenge of facing the ever-changing threat landscape.

Discover our range of specialist security solutions and services to reduce the burden and enhance your organisation’s cyber resilience.

Security Focus

With Immense Industry Expertise

Leverage TRG’s depth of service, skill and passion with its dedicated yet fully integrated divisional expertise


Obtain independent verification that your security processes and procedures are working as you intend.

Penetration testing & Risk assessments

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Managed Security Services

We provide fully managed Cybersecurity as a Service with an expert team in our Security Operations Centre (SOC).

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Meet regulation requirements with guidance from our experts.

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